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Sales Innovo App

The Sales Innovo cloud-based application is a truly robust powerhouse. It allows you to manage all processes related to your customers in one place, from marketing to sales, all the way to customer service. All of this with Artificial Intelligence support.


Sales Innovo Appify

Turn your webshop into a mobile app effortlessly. No matter what type of online store you have, through our Appify service, we will transform it into a mobile application so you can enjoy the unlimited possibilities of digital sales! Now available with an affordable monthly subscription, without the need for costly development fees.

Sales Innovo LeadgenPro

Unlock the Power of LeadGenPro Services with Our Cutting-Edge Sales Inno Software and Personalized Marketing Solutions! Are you tired of chasing leads that go nowhere? Frustrated with cold calls and dead-end prospects? It’s time to supercharge your lead generation efforts with LeadGenPro, the ultimate solution to capture, nurture, and book high-quality leads for your business.

About us

We bring innovation to our customer's sales processes

Experience a transformative shift in customer management with Sales Innovo, the cutting-edge sales and CRM software poised to revolutionize your business, enhancing customer relationships and streamlining operations like never before.

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  • AI solutions
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ROAS increase

Unlock the potential of effective marketing and sales automation to significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition and boost ROI by up to 15 times, reshaping the way you do business.

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