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Who are we?

As professional digital service providers, our primary goal is innovation and continuously providing our clients with a competitive advantage. We work on this every day of the week, it’s what we wake up and go to bed thinking about.

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Managing Director

Our Journey

At the beginning of our company, we started as a service provider, supporting our clients with digital services, product development, and digital marketing.

However, over the past 10 years, many things have changed, and there have been significant developments in the company’s operations.

Our voyage towards creating Sales Innovo was driven by a profound need for a versatile business management solution that could deliver exceptional results for our clients across diverse markets. As we scoured the landscape for such systems, it became increasingly clear that the available options fell short of our vision.

We were in search of a business management solution that could be seamlessly introduced into various markets, fortified with market-specific modules, and geared to meet the unique demands of each sector. However, despite our search, such a versatile and adaptable system remained elusive.

It was this realization that led to the inception of Sales Innovo. We recognized the imperative need for a platform that transcended the limitations of generic systems, one capable of serving a myriad of markets with precision and innovation. Sales Innovo was founded with the commitment to deliver tailored solutions, harnessing the power of market-specific modules to empower businesses and drive success in a dynamic global landscape.

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