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Exciting news for users of our prospecting tool! We’re thrilled to introduce a powerful addition to our Marketing Audit Report—the Website Performance section. This new feature empowers you to deliver even more valuable insights to prospects, aiding them in optimizing their websites for better user experiences and higher search engine visibility.

Here’s what you can expect from the Website Performance section:

-Page Speed Assessment: Dive deep into the page speed performance of your prospect’s website, both on desktop and mobile. Understand how swiftly their pages load to ensure a seamless user experience.

-Critical Information Analysis: Explore the presence of vital information on your prospect’s website, including page speed, interactivity, overall SEO score, and content size. Guarantee that their website meets essential criteria for optimal performance and visibility in search engines.

-Comprehensive Page Health Report: Access a detailed health report for both desktop and mobile versions of your prospect’s website. Identify potential issues or areas for improvement to boost overall website performance.

Note: The Website Performance section is automatically included for new prospects. For existing prospects, simply click “Refresh report” in the report section to generate the latest insights.

With these enhanced features, you can equip your prospects with comprehensive insights into their website’s performance, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements.

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