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Sales Innovo’s platform incorporates a website builder that allows you to craft limitless websites. Choose a template or initiate from the ground up, tailoring it with the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Leverage Sales Innovo websites for diverse purposes such as marketing campaigns, promotions, showcasing your business, and beyond.

What features can you use?

With Sales Innovo’s website builder, you have the flexibility to build, edit, and customize websites according to your needs. There’s no cap on the number of websites you can create in Sales Innovo. Whether you’re managing multiple businesses or serving numerous clients, you won’t encounter any limitations.

Sales Innovo offers a diverse range of templates to kickstart your website design, or you can opt for a blank page for a more customized approach. Subsequently, you can incorporate various elements like booking calendars, forms, surveys, videos, and more to tailor it precisely to your specifications. The website builder is for anyone who wants to create unique-looking websites easily.

Edit your website!

Once you’ve created all your pages, the next step is editing them.

Every aspect of a Sales Innovo website page is customizable. The user-friendly interface offers an excellent experience with its intuitive drag-and-drop tools. To edit an element, simply hover your mouse over the area, and a highlighted box will appear. As you move your mouse, you’ll notice differently colored boxes being highlighted. When you’ve selected the box you want to edit, a click will open the editing menu.

The structure of your web pages consists of sections, rows, and columns. Sections represent distinct information areas like the header, footer, About Us, etc.

The website builder makes adding elements an enjoyable process. These elements are the visual components that enhance the page’s appearance. You can choose from various text elements, image and video elements, and a range of interactive elements.

To add an element, access the menu, choose the desired one, and drag it to the relevant area of your web page.

You have the flexibility to include as many or as few elements as needed, and you can easily rearrange, delete, or replace them.

Create Booking Calendars, Forms, Videos, and More:

Websites inherently serve as destinations for individuals seeking more information about a company, product, or service. Consequently, they offer an excellent platform to showcase work examples, testimonials, details about upcoming promotions, and more. Moreover, providing users with the ability to book appointments or make purchases ensures you never miss out on opportunities.

To present your business in the best possible light, you can incorporate various elements that make the website interactive and informative. Simply drag and drop these elements onto the page.

Integrating videos is an effective way to capture people’s attention. Maps swiftly convey a business’s physical location, and a blog section provides ample space for informative articles.

Forms and surveys can be embedded onto web pages, facilitating the capture of pertinent lead data for future campaigns. Embedding a booking calendar enables users to directly choose and confirm appointments through the website.

Add pop-ups to increase your sales process!

Pop-ups serve as valuable reminders, prompting users to take specific actions. Easily incorporate a pop-up on a web page by clicking the designated button at the page’s top.

Editing the pop-up mirrors the process of editing a web page. Add any elements necessary for your pop-up to effectively convey its message.

Create your websites easily without coding in Sales Innovo!

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