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Dear service providers, exciting news awaits! The Calendar team is thrilled to unveil a remarkable upgrade: the capability to manage rooms and equipment. Whether you’re reserving rooms or booking equipment, this feature is designed to enhance your workflow.

Key Highlights:

⭐ Comprehensive Display: Appointment details now incorporate rooms and equipment information, enabling users to effortlessly spot assigned rooms or booked equipment.

⭐ Efficient Administration: This feature simplifies appointment management by offering more details and streamlining the booking process.

⭐ Room Selection for Service Calendars: When scheduling service calendar appointments, users can now opt for specific rooms, providing enhanced flexibility and control over appointments.

This enhancement empowers you to allocate the perfect room for your appointments, optimizing resource utilization. The feature is already active, so give it a try and share your feedback!

Hats off to the Calendar team for this noteworthy addition!

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