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In the realm of online marketing and web analytics, the protection of user data is increasingly taking center stage. The tightening of regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) heightens the responsibility of businesses regarding the handling and use of data. One key element of this is the introduction of Google Consent Mode (CM), which is linked to activities on Google’s advertising and analytics platforms.

Google Consent Mode is a new solution that allows advertisers and website owners to comply with data protection regulations while still effectively and precisely advertising on Google platforms. However, the deadline for implementation is approaching, and immediate action is required to meet the requirements and safeguard advertising revenue.

The essence of Google Consent Mode is to enable users to express their consent to the handling and use of data. Based on user responses, it determines which data we collect and utilize, only using the data to which users have consented.

However, the introduction of Google Consent Mode is not just about compliance with data protection requirements; it is also critically important from a business perspective. Failure to act promptly and properly implement Consent Mode on our websites will result in Google not accepting the data, negatively impacting our advertising revenue. Lost data complicates ad targeting and optimization, leading to decreased ad effectiveness and increased costs.

Therefore, it is crucial to take immediate action and set up Google Consent Mode on our websites. We must take data protection seriously and take the necessary steps to protect our online business activities.

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